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January 27th, 2023 - 7:20 pm § in Politics, Republicans

Symbolism matters

From national flags to corporate logos, symbols are a big deal, because people pick up the messages they convey. says (here), “Symbols are important because they facilitate communication and identification of ideas and other concepts based on what those symbols represent, though [...]

December 11th, 2022 - 4:46 pm § in Politics, Racism, Republicans

Sunday, 12/11/22, political stories

Elon Musk said Dr. Anthony Fauci should be “prosecuted,” but didn’t identify a crime Fauci committed. Recent events have exposed Musk as a far-right extremist who, more than once, has made libelous comments about other people (read story here). Trump “wasn’t particularl[...]

November 26th, 2022 - 8:18 pm § in Politics, Republicans

Guns aren’t free speech

“Firearms are frequently becoming part of political life as Republicans loosen restrictions on carrying guns in public,” Raw Story says (in a story here). “Across the country, openly carrying a gun in public is no longer just an exercise in self-defense — increasingly it is a soa[...]

November 8th, 2022 - 10:27 am § in Democrats, Law and Courts, Politics, Republicans

Ohio man is killed by neighbor for being a Democrat

An Ohio father was killed for being a Democrat on Saturday, November 4, 2022, right before midterm elections. Anthony King (below), 43, was gunned down in cold blood in his backyard in front of his family. A next-door neighbor, Austin Gene Gibbs (photo, left), 26, is charged with the crime (read sto[...]

November 3rd, 2022 - 11:21 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics, Republicans

Angry Trumper will get prison for shooting at jet skiers with Biden flag

A Florida Trump supporter will go to prison for shooting at jet skiers for flying a Biden flag on Nov. 3, 2020. That was election day, feelings were running high, and Eduardo Acosta, 37, was jet skiing with friends in Biscayne Bay near Miami when he spotted the flag on another jet ski. “Trigge[...]

October 5th, 2022 - 4:27 am § in Law and Courts, Politics, Republicans

These Republicans are threatening violence if they lose the midterms

Steve and Karen Slaton, who run a Trump paraphernalia store in Arizona, told a BBC News reporter they “don’t want to take up arms. But if Republicans lose in November this elderly Arizona couple say a civil war is coming and, yes, they will fight. They have discussed it between them, and[...]

September 27th, 2022 - 9:27 pm § in Law and Courts, Republicans

Rioter who assaulted Officer Fanone gets 7 years in prison

Michael Fanone is the D.C. police officer who was “dragged by a mob down the Capitol steps, beaten with pipes, stunned with a Taser and threatened with his own gun” (per Wikipedia, here) during the Jan. 6 insurrection. He never fully recovered and is no longer in police work. Kyle Young[...]

September 16th, 2022 - 10:16 pm § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Politics

The voting machine wars

Voting machines have been breached by Trump loyalists in at least three states. In all these cases, they gained physical access to the machines and/or obtained confidential software and data. The consequences: “Sensitive voting system passwords posted online. Copies of confidential voting soft[...]

September 15th, 2022 - 7:10 pm § in Politics

Hey, we’re all Trumpers here

Most of the time, not much happens in Delmont (photo, left), a bucolic hamlet where a couple of important highways intersect in Western Pennsylvania Appalachian coal country. Until some guy a 911 caller reported for driving erratically pulls off the highway, gets out of his car wearing a safety vest[...]

August 31st, 2022 - 12:48 pm § in Politics

Why GOP ex-voter’s “resignation letter” is a bad thing

An Arizona elections office recently received a letter that goes like this: “I am returning this ballot to you, because I no longer have confidence that your organization can conduct a legal, democratic and unaltered election …. To conclude, I demand that you remove my name from the voter rolls [...]