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April 18th, 2023 - 10:25 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics, Racism

Electing a new D.A. led to “Unite the Right” charges

The now-infamous “United the Right” rally brought together neo-Nazis and white supremacists for a tiki-torch march across the University of Virginia campus on Friday night, August 11, 2017 (photo, right). The rally culminated in the car-attack murder of counter-protester Heather Heyer by[...]

February 14th, 2023 - 6:52 pm § in Law and Courts, Racism

Good riddance

“Teddy Von Nukem, a southwest Missouri man featured prominently in photos from the infamous 2017 Charlottesville white-supremacist rally, died Jan. 30 this year, the same day he was scheduled to go trial for allegedly trafficking fentanyl across the Mexico border,” a local newspaper repo[...]

September 15th, 2022 - 11:43 am § in Politics

If it quacks like a duck …

Robert Keith Packer, shown here outside the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, pled guilty in January 2022 to a misdemeanor charge of “unlawful parading and picketing.” Prosecutors gave him a break on the charges, given that he invaded the building and other photos show him i[...]

February 5th, 2022 - 4:36 pm § in Jews, Law and Courts

The second-best place for neo-Nazis

America is a free country, and you can be an obnoxious Nazi hater on a soapbox to your heart’s content, as long as it’s just talk. A gang of these nasties were demonstrating near an Orlando, Florida, shopping plaza on Saturday, January 29, 2022, when a Jewish college student stopped by a[...]

January 31st, 2022 - 3:58 pm § in Donald Trump, Health, Jews, Politics, Science

This is what happens when you don’t fact-check

First, some background: “Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, has been a vocal critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci.” (Per CNN story here.) So it’s not surprising he went off half-cocked, but this one is a doozy. (Also relevant to this story, while Massie is an MIT grad in electrical[...]

January 12th, 2022 - 12:46 am § in Law and Courts

Washington state Nazi gets 7 years in prison for threats

“Kaleb Cole, neo-Nazi leader from Arlington found guilty in a plot to target journalists and members of the Anti-Defamation Leagues, was sentenced to seven years in prison” on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, a Seattle TV station reported here. Cole, 25 (photo, left), heads the Washington chap[...]

December 5th, 2021 - 4:48 pm § in Jews

Who would vandalize Anne Frank’s memorial park?

Someone did in Boise, Idaho. Most Idahoans are decent people, but the state has a reputation for hosting neo-Nazis, who would be the “usual suspects” (minus the implication of innocence) in a case like this. Police are looking for the actual suspects; graffiti vandalism isn’t prote[...]

November 30th, 2021 - 3:20 pm § in Donald Trump, Jews

The madness of QAnon crowds

It began November 2, when “hundreds of QAnon supporters gathered in Dallas at the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination because they believed that John F. Kennedy Jr. would appear and announce the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.” (See story here.) John F. Kennedy Jr. was [...]

October 24th, 2021 - 8:09 pm § in Jews, Law and Courts, Racism

It’s legal reckoning time for the Charlottesville neo-Nazis

In Charlottesville, harassment became violence, then injury and death, and now a big lawsuit. Lawyers bankrupted Idaho white supremacist Richard Butler (bio here), bulldozed his Aryan Nations compound, and converted it to a peace park (details here). Now, lawyers are going after the organizers of th[...]

May 9th, 2018 - 11:12 am § in Donald Trump


One of Trump’s “fine” people — “A Maryland man who identified himself as an imperial wizard in the Ku Klux Klan was found guilty Tuesday of firing a gun during the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year.” Read story here.  [...]