Will someone give Gillibrand a hijab or a burka?

 U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) at a town hall meeting at The Riverside Church in Morningside Heights in New YorWill someone put Kirsten Gillibrand out of her ohso pious misery. Is she blind or just so self important that her world is tilted?

Gillibrand wants to run for President. She blames prejudice against women for folks like me seeing her as shrill pretty much the way Trump thinks folks like are radical feminists. 

 Somehow this ohso bland white lady thinks the stable full of Dem candidates for President is not divers! 

With the danger of appearing condescending, I am sure that Kirsten thinks she is the answer to bigotry! This after the Senator from New York attacked on Al Franken for the crime of dated jokes and gestures. I listened to Senator Gillibrand justify that attack because she says men need to learn not to touch women unless there is specific permission. OK but someone needs to take her to visit a chimp refuge or a Chabad or Amish community so she can understand that human are apes with some overlay of culture.  READMORE

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