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January 7th, 2019 - 10:27 am § in Misc.


The future is the Net The money will be in the cloud and the access. Where is China? Remember WEBWARS I? That was the war over browsers … Microsoft tried to unseat Netscape, Google and other combatants created Firefox, Chrome and .. within the closed world of Apple’ SaFari. Google won, C[...]

December 9th, 2018 - 12:58 am § in Misc.


Google’s AI will take on the world’s top Go player this month At the Future of Go Summit between May 23rd to May 27th, Google and the China Go Association  will bring together AlphaGo and the top rated Go player, Ke Jie, in a best of three match.[...]

October 14th, 2015 - 11:27 am § in Misc.

Capitalism CAN Do Good!

Student Buys On A Whim. What Happens Next Is Pretty Great All’s well that ends well. Damon BeresTech Editor, The Huffington Post Posted: 10/12/2015 02:29 PM EDT | Edited: 10/13/2015 04:42 PM EDT What would you do if you owned the most powerful website on Earth? Sanmay Ved, a student[...]

July 31st, 2015 - 11:34 am § in The Ave Scene

Hey Google … Is Seattle Chopped Liver????

Google’s high-speed fiber network to land in Salt Lake City The 1-gigabit-per-second Internet and TV service sets its sights on an eighth US city[...]

July 25th, 2014 - 4:51 pm § in Schools & Colleges

Better Than Glass

…. Laforge Optical Challenges Google has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise more money. Mack wants to refine the design and get it ready to be bought by the fashion-aware. The company hopes to have two different lines in the not too distant future.[...]

June 28th, 2014 - 10:46 am § in Misc.

Google Going to Market an I,Robot

While the world awaits Apple’s latest I gadget, Google has revealed that the robot it purchased from a Japanese firm is going to be commercially marketed.  Isaac Asimov would approve. The robot called “SHAFT,” was developed with DARPA to rescue people from disasters.  In order to[...]

February 11th, 2014 - 4:30 pm § in The Ave Scene

Googling Google: Losing $10,000,000,000 did not take long!

STEVE BALMER MAY BE LOOKIN GOOD! Google sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9B  The deal marks one of the worst investments in Google’s history. In 2012, Google completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. At the time, it was thought that the primary reason for the acquisition[...]

October 29th, 2013 - 4:19 am § in The Ave Scene

BALMER BLUES: Chromecast: Another Missed Opportunity for Microsoft

Remember Web TV? Why can’t Microsoft market? The company has placed its toes into the TV market at least since  it s purchase of Web TV in 1996.  This history is a long one … with promises, showy purchases, set top boxes, creation of MSNBC, and claims the X Box would dominate the livin[...]

January 13th, 2013 - 10:04 am § in Misc.

What did Google’s Schmidt Find In North Korea?

The CEO of Google may have been startled during his visit to Pyongyang last week.  The executive found Steve Job’s photo on the wall in a North Korean office … perhaps Mr. Schmidt should google “Goldinger Apple‘?[...]

May 1st, 2012 - 10:43 am § in The Ave Scene

Apple CEO spotted in North Korea and Washington State.

Based, in part on reports from CNET on CRAVE Tim Cook reportedly visited PyongYang  the same week that the regime of Kim Jung Un failed to launch the rocket named “Pointer One.”  This photograph  taken down after the failure seems to show Mr. Cook standing behind the Dear Leader as th[...]