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The Crying Wolf


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Driving in Seattle

Christopher Goodwin (July 23, 2016) Earlier this evening I had the money a fortune to be driving in Capitol Hill where my daughter wanted to go to dinner. Everywhere I turned I found myself being cut off by an Uber who would then stop in the middle of the road to disgorge its occupants, or suddenly[...]

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Why Isn’t Leaving a Gun in Your Car a Felony?

In the United States, 1,600 guns are stolen every day—and many of those end up being used in crimes. If I leave my keys in the car and someone steals it and uses it in a crime I am guilty of a felony. If I leave a gun on the seat and someone breaks in […][...]

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How To Spot Fascism Before It’s Too Late

Strength Through Unity How To Spot Fascism Before It’s Too Late by Maia Kobabe Posted May 4th, 2017  [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who owns this plane?

A. Prince Alaweed of Saudi Arabia B. Vladimir Putin C. Donald Trump D. Paul Allen E. Lord Rothschild[...]

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Defending Our Second Amendment


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A VR Visit to North Korea


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