GOPer blames election loss on random fire alarms

Milk this cow for all she’s worth, ma!

That’s not what you think. Cows from this herd give excuses, not milk.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), a Freedom Caucus firebrand, is trailing in a primary. Looking for excuses to challenge a close election, he called out three suspicious “fires” at polling places on election day (see story here).

He makes it sound like people couldn’t vote because buildings were burning down. But that’s not what it seems, either.

No fires, just fire alarms going off at 3 of the district’s 303 polling locations. At one site, steam from a water heater set off an alarm, and the building was evacuated for 30 minutes, but “there were no voters there.” At another site, cleaning equipment triggered a fire alarm, causing an evacuation that lasted all of 15 minutes.

Good’s campaign manager, who’s more circumspect than he is, admitted the incidents were only “polling locations being evacuated until the alarms were checked out,” and, “We don’t have any further information.” She declined to accuse Good’s opponent of being behind it. “No one is suggesting anything,” she said. Other than, um, her candidate.

Here’s a question: If this was a well-coordinated conspiracy by a candidate to sabotage the election, how would he know whose voters were being prevented from voting? Wouldn’t the plotter be equally at risk of having his voters turned away?

But Republicans who float wild conspiracy theories aren’t noted for being deep thinkers, are they?

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