This Senate candidate is lawless

When you elect someone to public office, you’re choosing more than his party’s policies.

You’re also getting his character, experience, and the personal traits he’ll bring to the job of representing constituents.

Bernie Moreno, 57, is the GOP nominee in Ohio’s 2024 Senate race. The Colombia-born son of a doctor, he’s a wealthy car dealer — and a chronic lawbreaker.

According to Wikipedia (here), “In 2023, Moreno settled over a dozen wage theft lawsuits prior to launching his U.S. Senate campaign.” In other words, he routinely stole from his employees.

That’s not all. In one of those cases, “He was rebuked by a state judge for shredding documents potentially related to the case.” Destroying evidence is universally regarded as dishonest and at worst is a crime. And it doesn’t end there; Moreno also was sued for “gender and age-based discrimination.”

There’s more. In 2016, Moreno illegally smuggled an exotic car into the U.S. and bragged about it, while mocking the EPA and emission standards. He also skirted campaign finance laws. (See story here).

Nor can voters trust his word. A longtime vehement Trump critic, he flipflopped, and now is an ardent supporter. What else will he flipflop on, if voters are foolish enough to trust his promises?

It’s one thing for a rich businessman to behave like an entitled jerk. But does a person of low character who routinely flouts society’s rules belong in the U.S. Senate, making laws for the rest of us to live by?

America needs two healthy political parties. Party officials and primary voters can’t just concern themselves with policies and congressional majorities alone. Republicans no longer care about the character and quality of their candidates. That needs to change, for the good of the country, and their own good. Voters can send that message by rejecting flawed candidates like Moreno.

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