Trump can’t do fractions

If you ask me who’s most likely to pull out the debates, I wouldn’t pick Biden.

That’s because “Trump is already laying the groundwork to complain that the upcoming presidential debate is rigged against him,” Raw Story reported on June 19, 2024, citing the New York Times (read story here).

(The Times story is behind a paywall; I’m linking to the Raw Story version so I don’t direct readers to a source they must pay to access.)

At a rally the day before, Trump told supporters “he’ll be up against multiple adversaries at once — not just Mr. Biden but both of CNN’s moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, who, Mr. Trump added, were constitutionally incapable of treating him fairly. ‘I’ll be debating three people instead of one half of a person,’ he said.”

Assuming, correctly I’m sure, that he considers Biden “one half of a person” and Tapper and Bash a whole person each, ½ + 1 + 1 does not equal 3; it’s 2½, so he must be rounding to whole numbers. Is that because he can’t add fractions?

Now, granted, adding two fractions (e.g., ½ + ¼) could be a challenge for some people (the correct answer is ¾), especially if they’re trying to do it in their heads; but 1 + ½ shouldn’t be that tough, even doing it in his head (the correct answer is 1½). Maybe reversing the order by putting ½ first is what throws him.

It’s also possible that he can navigate the first addition, but the second whole number throws him; in other words, he can get to 1½ but not to 2½ because 1½ + 1 is too much brain function for him.

So, he ends up with 3, which is what most of us would start with.

Picture above: How Trump sees Biden on debate stage; maybe he’s blind in his right eye?

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