Are Republicans intellectually disabled?

It sure seems so, but that doesn’t get them disabled parking permits.

I don’t want to pick on Republicans. I’d much rather have two healthy political parties and rational politics. They do this to themselves.

The words “character” and “GOP” don’t go together, but I’m going to skip over that, and focus in this piece on Republicans’ IQ collapse.

For this purpose, I’m giving the word “intellectually” a definition along these lines: Someone who makes good-faith efforts to get facts right, fact-checks questionable information, is wary of dubious sources, and avoids making assumptions or jumping to conclusions — because facts matter.

Why? Because if you get the facts wrong, your conclusions will be wrong, too. Such a failure should bother intellectually honest people. It doesn’t bother Republicans.

Today’s example of a Republican candidate who comes off looking like a moron by being extremely careless with facts comes to us from Minnesota, where Royce White (bio here) is running for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Democrat Amy Klobuchar.

White, a former college and professional basketball player, has zero qualifications to be a senator representing a state, even if you overlook the criminal record he compiled in college, his use of vulgar language, and being a deadbeat dad with no time for his daughter.

I don’t care about his rap sheet, crude language, or bad parenting, because he won’t win the GOP primary let alone the November election. My only interest in him is how utterly stupid he is, in the manner of a professor studying an insect with a magnifying glass.

Royce White tweeted this on “X” —

And because he didn’t fact-check, he got nailed with this:

(Read story here.)

Now, granted, Royce White isn’t a mainstream candidate. And anybody can file to run for any office, including president, under any party label, so the parties have no control over who appears on a ballot wearing their party label.

But that said, Congress is chock full of Republican congressmen and senators who are lawyers, and therefore know better than to say Trump was convicted by a biased judge, when in fact a jury of ordinary citizens rendered the verdict. Those guys and gals are flat-out liars.

I’m not going to impute Royce White’s stupidity to them. Their problem is dishonesty and a total lack of character, not lack of brains. But I can think of at least one Republican senator-wannabe who is either intellectually disabled or too lazy to read the caption on a picture he’s posting on social media.

By the way, White challenged another online critic to a fight for calling him “stupid” (see story here), but so far he hasn’t threatened me yet.

Related story (7/8/24): The ever-gullible and fact-challenged Royce White fell for a fake Taylor Swift endorsement of Biden (see it here), see story here.

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