RFK Jr. campaign loses black outreach director

This can’t possibly be bad for the candidate, because of who she is.

Angela Stanton-King (photo below, at right) has quit that role, but will remain an informal adviser, MSNBC reported on May 22, 2024 (read story here).

Stanton-King has, shall we say, an interesting biography. She did prison time for organized auto theft, advocated a military coup against Biden, and tweets QAnon slogans.

This is who Robert F. Kennedy Jr. picked to run black voter outreach for him. He’s daffy himself, best known as an anti-vaxxer and purveyor of Covid conspiracy theories (details here).

It’s impossible he didn’t know her background. By giving her a role in his campaign, he endorsed her craziness or at least said it was okay. And as she’s a Trumper with no Democratic connections, she can’t help him target Biden voters.

In any case, her departure can’t help but help his campaign. The question is whether he can help his campaign.

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