Why not just respect people for who they are?

In Mississippi, a school district barred a trans girl from her high school graduation unless she dressed like a boy. A federal judge appointed by Trump upheld the district’s decision. (See story here).

In New York, a private Christian college fired two dormitory supervisors for adding gender identifiers to their emails to prevent confusion over their unusual names. (Read story here).

Remember Rodney King, the black man whose police beating sparked riots, prompting him to plead, “Can’t we all just get along?” (Details here.)

Nope, we can’t, because stuffed shirts in positions of authority are going to enforce their dress codes and email policies, and significant elements of our society have not yet accepted the fact life isn’t as simple as two genders, or demanding unquestioned obedience to rules.

If running a school district or college is as simple as always following the rule book, and never exercising judgment to make exceptions, why do you need school superintendents or college presidents? Those jobs could be handled by robots.

Maybe they soon will be, especially if the humans presently doing them keep thinking and behaving like robots.

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