Tina Peters coughs up $255K for quixotic recount

Rogue county clerk Tina Peters, who’s been indicted for election-related crimes, held in contempt of court, and ordered by a judge to stay away from her office (see details here), lost her bid for Colorado secretary of state in the GOP primary (see story here).

That’s an understatement; she suffered a crushing defeat. The results were:

  • Pam Anderson — 268,614 (43.06%)
  • Tina Peters — 180,036 (28.86%)
  • Mike O’Donnell — 175,136 (28.08%)

On Thursday, July 28, 2022 — 30 days after the election — Peters paid the $255,912.33 fee for a recount (see story here).

In a statewide race involving over 600,000 ballots, a recount typically changes the results by a few dozen votes. With Peters trailing by over 88,000 votes, this contest is WAY out of reach. What is she thinking?

Assuming her supporters, who are as crazy as she is, ponied up the quarter million dollars for this recount, it’s not hard to guess. The recount will change the results, if only by a few votes.

And that will “prove” that elections are corrupt, and she’ll screech “see? the count can’t be trusted!” This is all about discrediting elections. And some foolish people will listen to her.

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