NY probe finds evidence of fraud in Trump’s businesses

New York’s attorney general, who is conducting a civil probe of the Trump Organization, says there is “significant evidence” that Trump’s company “used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations on multiple properties to obtain … loans, insurance coverage, and tax deductions,” CNN and other news outlets reported.

CNN alluded to “misleading statements and omissions” in tax filings and financial statements, and suggested Trump’s children were involved (read story here).

NBC News said Ivanka was “a primary contact for the Trump Organization’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank” (read story here).

ABC News gave an example of how Trump inflated property values to fool lenders: His company represented his Manhattan penthouse was “nearly three times its actual size — a difference in value of about $200 million” (read story here).

The Manhattan district attorney, who is conducting a parallel investigation, potentially could bring state criminal charges against members of the Trump family.

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