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January 11th, 2022 - 8:04 pm § in Biden, Democrats, Politics

Voting rights take center stage

President Biden is making a renewed push to get voting rights through Congress to protect the right of Americans to choose their leaders. But GOP obduracy and the Senate filibuster stand in the way. Biden finally endorsed changing the rule in a much-anticipated Georgia speech on Tuesday, January 11,[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 7:14 pm § in Hypocrisy, Politics

What’s next, funerals for fingernail clippings?

“It brings me no joy to sue one of our own cities,” Delaware’s attorney general said when she took legal action today against the city council of Seaford, a town of fewer than 8,000 people, for enacting an ordinance that requires “anyone who has an abortion or experiences a miscarria[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 5:55 pm § in Misc.

Can Trump be held liable for the Capitol riot?

We’re going to find out. There are 9 civil lawsuits against him seeking damages, and a federal judge heard arguments in 3 of them on Monday, January 10, 2022. He wasn’t sympathetic to Trump or his lawyers, pointing out “that Trump on January 6 asked the crowd to march to the Capito[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 5:34 pm § in Law and Courts, Schools & Colleges, UW

16 top colleges sued for price fixing

Sixteen major universities are being sued by former students who allege the schools “participated in a price-fixing cartel that is designed to reduce or eliminate financial aid as a locus of competition, and that in fact has artificially inflated the net price of attendance for students receiv[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 4:58 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Some prominent Republicans are backing away from Trump, and that’s a very good thing

What America’s politics need, more than anything else, is for the GOP to be a normal political party again. Since falling under Trump’s spell, it’s become a cult led by a lying charlatan. That’s unhealthy not just for the Republican Party, but the entire country. We need two [...]

January 11th, 2022 - 4:15 pm § in Health, Politics

Rand Paul is an awful senator

The GOP senator from Kentucky needs to be told off, and in this video, Dr. Fauci does just that. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 12:42 am § in Politics

The politics of retaliation

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy says if Republicans win the House in this year’s elections, he’ll “remove some high-profile Democratic members from their committee roles,” NBC News reported on Monday, January 10, 2022 (read story here). Before I comment, let’s dig a li[...]

January 11th, 2022 - 12:18 am § in Law and Courts

No regard for human life

“A Taco Bell employee in Los Angeles was fatally shot Saturday night while working at the drive-thru window after refusing a customer’s counterfeit money,” NBC News reported on Monday, January 10, 2022 (read story here). Alejandro Garcia, 41, was killed in front of his son, 19, who was[...]