Animal in a cage

John T. Earnest was 19 years old when he shot up a San Diego-area synagogue in April 2019, killing one and injuring three. Before that he torched a mosque.

Federal hate-crime prosecutors said he did it because “he hated the Jewish community and Muslim community ….” And now? “The defendant and his hatred have been silenced. He will spend the rest of his days and die in prison, while he languishes behind bars.”

State prosecutors sought the death penalty, but he got off with life-without-parole plus-umpty-years. He’ll never get out of California prisons, but if he somehow does, he’ll be bused to a federal prison to serve life-plus-thirty-years there (story here).

In short, this animal will be confined to a kennel until he’s dead. He’s 21 years old. I suspect by the time he’s 50 or 60, he’ll get tired of seeing concrete walls, and having only an exercise yard to stretch his legs in, and regret the impulsive actions of his youth. Maybe sooner.

Photo: If he ever acquires a pen-pal girlfriend, the kissing room in San Quentin probably looks something like this

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