Is “woke” bad?

Aaron Rodgers was afraid of a “woke mob,” TV personality Jake Tapper says (read story here), and that’s why he concealed not being vaccinated.

What’s bad here, not being vaccinated and lying about it, or the criticism he might get for anti-vaxxing and believing things that make him look like an idiot?

For what it’s worth, it also makes him look like a gutless coward who’s afraid to defend his beliefs, if what Tapper says is true.

“Princeton University will remove the name of President Woodrow Wilson from its school of public policy and a residential college,” CNN reported here, because “we believe that Wilson’s racist thinking and policies make him an inappropriate namesake,” a Princeton press release says.

Meanwhile, the University of California’s Hastings College of Law, “named for a man who orchestrated a massacre of Native Americans,” is working with the governor and legislature “to change its name,” CNN reported here.

What’s bad here, Woodrow Wilson’s and Serranus Hasting’s racism, or “canceling” their names on university buildings?

Is it even “woke” at all?

The Urban Dictionary says here that “woke” is “the act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue.” But since when is genuine (and valid) sensitivity to an issue being “pretentious”? I think what you have here is language being misused again, by the usual illiterate suspects.

But back to the question, which answers itself: Waking up to social wrongs, past and present, and doing something about them isn’t a bad thing.

It’s about time.

Photo: It’s days are numbered — not the school, but the name.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Then who deserves to have their name on any of Princeton University? And why does that guy Princeton deserve to be on the university. Maybe it should just be Bob University and all the buildings names Bob, John, Betty and Sally. Same goes for California’s Hastings College of Law. Does this mean we all need to stop watching “The Wizard of Oz” because the writer as a journalist played a part in the Wounded Knee massacre.

    These men have warts yet Wilson probably deserves some building on the campus to be named after him as he was President of the University before becoming President of the United Stats. Having Hastings name on the college maybe the only reason a massacre of native Americans is even known to some part of the American population.

    I think the California legislature would do us all a big favor by telling San Fran ok we will change the name and then change the name to Adolf Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin or Lenin or Mao College of Law. Then we can have a real SOBS name up on a college that had nothing to do with the college but it would be socialist and very woke.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Princeton University is named after Princeton, New Jersey, which is a town, not a “guy.” The town was named in the 1700s and apparently is an amalgam of “Prince” and “town.” The “Prince” may have been an English royal or a local resident whose last name was Prince. Nobody knows. Participating in a genocide, which is why Hastings’ name is being ejected from the law school he founded, isn’t a “wart.” It’s a profound character flaw. Social mores and cultural practices aren’t static, and whether you agree with it or not, our culture is moving away from honoring the slaveowners, rebels, white supremacists, and mass murderers of America’s darker past to show respect for the victims of the inhuman wrongs they committed. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem.