Cops are human like the rest of us

They have fathers, mothers, brothers, and boyfriends. They look out for their friends.

Even if they have to lie, destroy evidence, and cover up for them.

For example, Lt. Marcus Harper and Officer Ananias Carson III of the Tulsa police department tried to keep fellow officer Latoya Dythe out of trouble. What did she do? She illegally bought a gun for her boyfriend. His brother then used her car and his gun in a gang-related shooting.

Harper and Carson came to Dythe’s rescue. They went to her apartment, searched the car, “and removed evidence,” ABC News says. And advised the boyfriend and his brother to get rid of the weapons used in the shooting and get out of town. And by the way, don’t tell anyone we were here. (Read story here.)

Dythe got probation (story here). Harper and Carson, still employed as cops but on unpaid leave, are facing accessory charges. If convicted, I’ll be surprised if they don’t get probation, too.

Yes, cops are human like the rest of us. They, too, do very human things. Just the punishment is different.

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