Istanbul’s now-famous hobo dog

CNN reports (here) that, “A street dog named Boji has become something of a celebrity in Istanbul, where he travels around the city on its ferries, trams and subway cars. His adventures came to light a couple of months ago, and municipal officials began to track his movements. They were amazed at his resourcefulness.

“’He knows where to go. He knows where to get out,’ said Avlin Erol, the head of customer relations at Metro Istanbul.

“Boji is estimated to travel up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) a day, passing through dozens of Metro stations and taking at least two ferry rides.

“’He’s such a free spirit,’ said Chris McGrath, a Getty Images photographer who recently spent a day following Boji around the city. ‘All he wants to do is ride on transportation. Every time he goes past a bus or van or any form of transport, he just wants to get on it. It’s really quite bizarre.'”

How does he manage to eat? Apparently Istanbul is full of stray dogs and cats, and people put out food for them, so finding food is no problem. As for obeying commands (e.g., “Come here, Boji”), well, he doesn’t. He’s nobody’s dog, and is his own master, like the chicken in the famous Geico chicken commercial.

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