Customer service in Texas

Two middle-aged black guys took a defective TV set one of them purchased earlier that day to the customer service counter at a Texas WalMart.

The white guys behind the counter spent an hour examining their receipt. Then the white cops arrived. They were handcuffed, body-searched, etc., and after being released, a “female employee screamed at them to take the TV and get the ‘f— out of this store, and never come f—— back,’” and they were banned from ever returning from the store. (Read story here.)

It doesn’t sound like WalMart exchanged or refunded the defective TV, but at least the customers weren’t shot. That’s something.

WalMart said it “investigated” the situation, but wouldn’t comment because of the pending litigation. I wouldn’t comment, either, if somebody was suing the s— out of me for that kind of customer service at the return desk.

Maybe they should have bought the TV from Best Buy or Amazon.

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