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August 13th, 2021 - 7:54 pm § in Misc.

Phoenix P.D. brass gave MAGA coins to cops who shot protesters in testicles

“Phoenix’s city manager disciplined a slew of police officers, including the department’s chief, for rewarding officers for shooting protesters in the groin last summer as demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder erupted,” the Daily Beast reported on Thursday, August 12, 2021. “[...]

August 13th, 2021 - 7:29 pm § in Politics

Colorado official accused of leaking voting equipment logins to QAnon

A Colorado county clerk accused of leaking voting machine login codes to QAnon could face criminal prosecution. In that state, county clerks run local elections. They’re elected officials, and therefore likely to be partisan. In Mesa County, which borders Nevada, the county clerk is Tina Peter[...]

August 13th, 2021 - 1:10 pm § in America, Biden, Foreign Affairs

Who’s to blame for the Afghanistan debacle?

Afghanistan will fall to the Taliban, probably within days. For many Afghans, that’s very bad. There will be a bloodbath. The survivors will be dragged backward into the Tenth Century. Girls won’t be allowed to go to school, will be pushed into arranged marriages, forced to wear burkhas[...]

August 13th, 2021 - 10:53 am § in Health, Politics

Anti-vaxxer anger grows; too bad, that’s tough, go suck eggs

“Almost all governments … have so far resisted making Covid vaccination mandatory for their citizens,” CNBC says, but, “The divide between the vaccinated and unvaccinated … is likely to become even deeper, with officials in the U.S. and Europe planning, or introducing, [...]