Your signs or your peace talks

The U.S., under new management, is trying to restart peace talks between Israel, also under new management, and the Palestine Authority, still under the same old management.

“The PA’s list of demands to do so likely will include returning to an earlier status quo that limited Jews from visiting the Temple Mount; returning the Palestinian Authority to East Jerusalem’s Orient House; stopping evictions in Jerusalem; and returning confiscated arms to Palestinian security forces,” The Hill reported on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, and a new one: The PA is insisting Arab shopkeepers remove any and all signs written in Hebrew.

It seems there’s a lot of fraternizing going on.

Which suggests that only the governing authorities need peace talks; the people have already made a separate peace.

Would that it were so; unfortunately, this probably only exists in pockets of microcosm scattered here and there, and there are serious issues to sort through before real peace can take hold. But fraternization may well be the soil from which it can grow. And with that in mind, the PA should give up its efforts to prevent it, and instead try to build on it.

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Photo: Husan, Palestine

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