When people are wrong, they should be ignored

Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but no one is entitled to be listened to.

A new CNN poll finds, “Public opinion is sharply divided by party over whether election rules are too restrictive or too loose, with 76% of Democrats saying that the rules make it too difficult to vote and 87% of Republicans saying that the rules are not strict enough to prevent illegal votes from being cast.” (Read story here.)

And, “Although there is no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing in the 2020 election, many still say that Biden did not legitimately win enough votes to become president. The poll suggests the share of Americans who believe that falsehood has held roughly steady since just before he took office in January at 30%. Those doubts are concentrated among Republicans, 70% of whom say they do not think Biden won enough votes to be president.”

They’re wrong. Ignore them.

The Derek Chauvin jury didn’t listen to the defense witness who claimed George Floyd died from car exhaust, nor should they have.

You wouldn’t listen to a phone scammer, would you? Nor should you.

These days, Republicans claim the 2020 election was stolen by a dead Venezuelan dictator, Democrats kill babies to drink their blood, and trees cause global warming. They’re stupid, wrong, ridiculous. They’re scammers. Don’t listen to them.

I’ve heard some Republicans in Congress are complaining that Biden isn’t being “bipartisan.” Sure he is. He listens to Democrats, independents, people who used to be Republicans, and even Republicans to the extent there are any sane ones left. But he has no obligation to waste his time on people who are stupid, wrong, and ridiculous; he’s obligated to those of us who elected him not to.

Until those people return to reality, come down to Planet Earth, and get real again, they don’t deserve a seat at the table. And I wouldn’t give them one.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    When large minorities disagree then you have a recipe for a lot of conflict, and it will take time for any resolution to take place. The danger in what you are suggesting is that it is easy and often helpful for those in power to ignore minorities. The Jews in Germany were a minority. They were generally ignored by most of German society, but there was widespread racism against Jews in much of Europe and Germany. The Jews were so ignored that it became possible to kill six million of them, and do a lot of civil harm to them and German society before that. … The logic used here is essentially the same kind of logic used by regular Germans in ignoring their German neighbors or not noticing their neighbors were suddenly gone one day. Today Germans are still collectively recoiling from the acts of the 30’s and 40’s and many are saying hey you folks there in the US may want to look at your rhetoric. Our national guilt of today began with similar things being said to what you are saying here. We certainly ignored the Jews, the Gypsies, the Homosexuals, the handicapped, but today we still cannot fill in a hole in ourselves and our nations psyche. [Edited.]

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    You’re comparing Republicans to murdered Jews, and implying that ignoring their nutty conspiracy theories will lead to genocide against them? Well, my readers know what to do with that argument: Ignore it.

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