Acquitting Trump a “giant middle finger” to Capitol riot heroes (video)

Speaking to the Senators acting as jurors in Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial, CNN’s Andrew Cuomo says, “If you acquit, it would be a giant middle finger to the men and women who saved you that day.”

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  1. Mark Adams #

    … In an actual trial this sentiment has no place and is inadmissible. [This comment has been edited.]

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    That’s my sentiment, too: Acquitting Trump would also be a giant middle finger to democracy, rule of law, the Constitution, the founding fathers, and the 81 million Americans who voted for Biden.

  3. Trump is the middle finger to democracy #

    trump if acquitted; in all probability, is just adding another page to his long list of rules, traditions and laws, that he continues to break and continues to get away with.

    No consequences, ever. When will the tide turn on this?

    trump is the first president above all laws, whether they are constitutional laws, moral laws, or ethical laws. trump is like Pence described: “he is unstoppable”. Besides, he hires lots and lots of lawyers.

    This is not an admirable trait, just a fact.

    Is trump planning a return in 2024?

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