Ex-Bush officials flee GOP, calling it a “cult”

“Dozens of Republicans in former President George W. Bush’s administration are leaving the party,” Reuters says (read story here), adding, “These officials … say they no longer recognize the party …. Some have ended their membership, others are letting it lapse while a few … registered as independents ….”

The Republican Party no longer exists and is now a cult, one said. Dozens of former Bush officials have already left and, ““The number is growing every day,” another said.

“The party is currently caught between disaffected moderate Republicans and independents disgusted by the hold Trump still has over elected officials, and Trump’s fervently loyal base. Without the enthusiastic support of both groups, the party will struggle to win national elections, according to polling, Republican officials and strategists,” Reuters said.

“With far-right domestic terror threats on the rise, experts are urging President Biden to … ensure national security forces are better equipped to address homegrown threats,” The Hill reported (here).

Meanwhile, all across America, Republican legislators are trying to repeal the general public’s right to vote. (Read that story here.)

The GOP has emerged from the Trump era as an authoritarian party seeking one-party rule. Republican legislators are packing guns in state legislatures and Congress. Their supporters are threatening to kill opponents. Eric Trump has adopted Hitler’s rhetoric about Jews by saying of Democrats, “To me, they’re not even people.” (Read story here.)

Is it time to declare the GOP a terrorist organization and put its adherents on no-fly lists? Certainly, at a minimum, a question we must ask ourselves is whether we’re going to allow a small, violent minority to impose a tyrant on us, and what we can do within the framework of the Constitution to prevent that from happening in the future.

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  1. Domestic terrorists are a threat to all of us #

    I don’t blame anyone for leaving a political party that bases their claims on unproven allegations, short of evidence. When people react with emotion instead of with facts, believe in conspiracies, while acting and behaving in an uncivilized manner, it is no longer the party of rational thinkers it may be the time to flee the party.

    Perhaps Liz Cheney, ex-Bush officials and the more moderates,Gov. Mitt Romney, etc. can be the “independents” while the trumpists have their version of a “tea party.”