Jenna Ellis is America’s most subversive lawyer

What Jenna Ellis, Trump’s senior legal adviser and mastermind of efforts to overturn his election loss, said about him a few years ago:

“boorish and arrogant”
“not a real Christian”
“not American”
“American fascist”
“cannot be trusted”
“unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag”
“without love”

What she says now:

“I was completely wrong. Trump is a sincere Christian, the best president in modern history, and kept his promises to the American people.”

Amazing how a paycheck changes a person’s attitude, eh? Read story here. She’s now the principal architect of a scheme to overthrow America’s democracy and install an unelected totalitarian. Read that story here. Meanwhile, the lawyers tasked with carrying Trump’s water in America’s courts are focusing on self-preservation.

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