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Update 10/4/20 @ 9:45 pm: It’s now clear the White House and Trump’s doctors withheld information. It also came out Sunday that Pelosi isn’t being briefed. CNN asked Dick Cheney’s cardiologist what he makes of the information that’s available. Read the full article here.

This doctor says, “The President is exhibiting symptoms that one would expect to see a week into illness, not a day into illness.” He doesn’t believe Trump was being tested daily because, “It would be distinctly uncommon for a patient essentially to develop pneumonia the day that they convert, so I’d be shocked to hear that he had been tested the day before, on Wednesday, and found to be negative then.” This means Trump probably was sick during the debate, potentially exposing Biden. He concluded Trump has viral pneumonia and “they’re throwing the kitchen sink” at him, because either they’re concerned or “panicking,” which “speaks to the seriousness of the situation.” He sees “a picture of a 74-year-old obese man infected with Covid-19, who his physicians are worrying about.”

A CNN medical analyst, also an M.D., said “it’s possible that the President’s oxygen levels dropped into the upper 80s. … We still have not been told how high [his] fevers have been. … If he’s getting full-dose aspirin, that would imply he’s likely had a heart attack or stroke. … It will be at least another week before the President is out of the woods. Covid patients often take an abrupt turn for the worse about seven to 10 days into the course of disease, and … he’s also at risk for long-term complications ….” Read the full article here.

Original posting 10/4/20 @ 12:02 pm: Trump’s health status is, to say the least, opaque. His staff and doctors can’t get their stories straight, and there are strong indications his doctors aren’t leveling with the public. Below is what we possibly know.

When you go to a doctor’s office and they clip that plastic clothespin-thingy on your finger, your blood oxygen level is supposed to be above 95%. According to one source, below 88 is dangerous and below 80 can damage body organs. If the reading is zero, either the meter needs new batteries, or you’re dead. (Note: There’s no reason why it can’t read zero for both reasons).

The White House physician said Trump’s blood oxygen level “dipped below 95%” twice, including “a transient dip to 93% on Saturday,” Huffington Post reported on Sunday, October 4, 2020. That’s what the White House will admit.

Trump was given “a steroid that has been shown to save the lives of people seriously ill with COVID-19,” Huffington Post said. “Trump’s condition is continuing to improve [and his] medical team [hopes] to discharge [him] as early as tomorrow,” which at least constitutes an objective goalpost.

According to the White House physician again, “Trump was doing well late Thursday into early Friday and showed only mild symptoms at that time. But by late Friday morning, Trump had a high fever, and his blood oxygen level dipped below 94% …. [He] was then given supplemental oxygen for about an hour,” which confirms earlier White House-disputed reports that Trump was put on oxygen at the hospital.

None of this is overwhelmingly informative. Covid-19 is a capricious disease that can take unpredictable twists and turns. Trump is receiving the best socialized medical care on the planet in the best public health facility in the country, so his odds probably are considerably better than the ordinary shmucks who are still dying at a rate of 1,000 per day.

Democratic leaders have united in publicly wishing the president and first lady well and hoping for their speedy recovery, even as Republican leaders block financial relief for stricken businesses and workers. That’s our hope here on this blog, too. Meanwhile the rightwing noise machine wails about “The left’s sickening lack of decency on ailing President Trump.” Their complaint? The New York Times suggested Trump’s bout of Covid-19 could affect his re-election chances.

And then there’s this:

“Three Republican Minnesota congressmen … were on a Delta Air Lines flight Friday night heading back to Minnesota from Washington, dodging restrictions on passengers suspected of recent exposure to COVID-19 …. The men had been on Air Force One with Trump flying from Washington to Minnesota and back just two days earlier and knew … he had tested positive for COVID-19. Trump may actually have already tested positive on Wednesday, the day the men were with him …. Passengers likely exposed to COVID-19 in the previous 14 days cannot travel on Delta, according to the airline’s policy.”

And this:

“Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson … defended his decision to attend [a fundraising dinner] where he was one of the featured speakers, knowing he had been exposed to COVID and could have infected others at the crowded event. … Johnson announced the following morning that he had tested positive — too late for anyone at the dinner to opt out of interacting with him ….”

And, of course, the legions of Trump supporters who’ve turned refusing to wear masks or socially distance into a political movement.

Lack of decency? Not only does the right lack decency, it’s shamelessly hypocritical about it.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Mike Pence could be in charge. Or could be at any moment. Situation normal except te old man is in the hospital. Yet no talk about the 26th amendment. Looks like Pence has it under control. Talk about October surprises, President Pence would be a topper, not that it would significantly change the election or leave some early voters like they are holding an empty bag.

    Military medicine is not socialized medicine. Still Walter Reed brings together the amazing group the Village people doing the navy unofficial anthem: “In the Navy.”

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    It’s socialized medicine because government provides it and taxpayers pay for it.

  3. Mask-less right wing covid-19 spreaders #

    The right lacks any shred of honesty, integrity.
    and decency.

    They lie to themselves and flout the rules of society.

    Any surprise when gop senators show up for fundraisers, not wearing masks, are exposed to Covid 19 then test positive?

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