Town of Swastika keeps its name

Swastika, New York, won’t change its name. The town supervisors debated the issue for 5 minutes. Several “appeared offended by the request” and one said “I’m dead-set against changing it,” adding “only an intolerant person” would assume the town’s name has anything to do with Nazism. After all, the town was named in 1913, and everyone knows “swastika” means “well being” in ancient Sanskrit, a language kids study in grade school, which is why residents put up funds for a superfluous sign explaining this. Preemption? That’s for nerds. So, if you pass through town and see swastika flags hanging from front porches, you’ll know what they signify, right? Read story here and here.

Below: Spreading well being in Sudetenland in 1938.

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