No relief bill in sight and consumer spending diving

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Nothing has happened on the relief bill since I last posted about it here. Now, Washington is consumed by another distraction. Meanwhile, out in the country where normal people live, consumer spending dropped 3% just in the last week. Read about it here. The economy is turning south again.

The cavalry isn’t coming. If anything, the negotiating stances will get tougher. When Democrats cut their demands by a third, Republicans halved their previous lowball offer. Pelosi says it will now take more to reach a deal, because needs have piled up.

The impasse is over reinstating $600-per-week enhanced unemployment benefits, giving schools money to reopen, helping state and local governments, and providing more help to small businesses. The need, especially for small business relief, is acute. But Republicans just don’t want to spend money.

Call it politics if you wish. Good-faith negotiation is about compromise. When one side (Democrats) gives ground and the other side (Republicans) offers even less, that’s evidence of bad faith on their side. They may think they’re holding out on principle, but everything we’ve learned about managing economic crises over the last century proves they’re wrong. It’s time for Democrats to walk away and cut them loose to face the electoral consequences. Voters with any sense will fire the GOP six weeks from now.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Oddly there is a guy who agrees with you and would like Congress to put a bill on his desk.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    General McAuliffe received a similar offer and knew what to do with it.

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