Is Barr dangerous or nuts?

This article contains news and sarcasm.

Bill Barr had quite a week.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, media reports said he asked federal prosecutors to look into prosecuting Seattle’s mayor under obscure an sedition law for not quelling that city’s protests. Read this story here.

Sedition is conspiring to overthrow the government. It appears he considers her a subversive because she didn’t order the cops to gun down mostly peaceful protesters, as he apparently was fixing to do in D.C.

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, he called veteran federal prosecutors “preschoolers” and suggested political appointees, not career prosecutors, should make charging decisions. Read that story here. This is likely a two-edged sword; one, they’ve been convicting too many of Trump’s cronies, and two, not enough of Trump’s critics and opponents.

Also on September 17, he bizarrely compared Covid-19 “lockdowns” to slavery. Read that story here. Although businesses were ordered to close to help contain the worst pandemic in a century, no one was locked up, although people maybe some of them should have been.

Is Bill Barr mentally ill? A person doesn’t have to be around Trump very long to lose his bearings, not to mention his ethical compass, and Barr is sounding sillier, shriller, and crazier by the day it seems. For a concise rundown of the travesty he’s made of his office, and his threats to not leave if Trump loses, click here.

Understand, though, there’s nothing new about people speculating that Barr is crazy. In November 2019, Esquire described him as “a raving maniac” (see article here). And back in May 2020, veteran journalist David Gergen referred to a different Barr rant as “nuts” (see story here).

Barr probably is crazy. Arguing a mayor can be prosecuted for trying to overthrow the U.S. government because people are protesting in her city is prima facie crazy.

But crazy or not, Barr is dangerous. Way back in April 2019, Daily Beast called him “the most dangerous man in America” (read article here). He’s done nothing since to dispel that impression.

Photos: Bill Barr in 2019 (top left), and what he might look like in 2021 after leaving office (lower right).

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Or maybe he is a activist Attorney General. Returning the office to the days of its greatest glory under Andrew Jackson. Or maybe Monroe.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    There’s nothing glorious about any of this. Its un-American.

  3. Democracy is broken while tyrants are allowed to break laws #

    Justifying wickedness, punishment, prosecution and possible jail time, while
    depriving justice, to those political opponents one disagrees with, is tyranny.