Drug smuggler wins Delaware’s GOP Senate primary

Lauren Witzke, 31, easily won the GOP’s U.S. Senate primary in Delaware on September 16, 2020. Her bio:

  • QAnon supporter
  • Holocaust denier
  • Heroin and meth addict
  • Drug runner for Mexican cartel
  • Arrested for DUI and smuggling drugs into a prison
  • Conservative political activist

Her platform:

  • Monarchist; wants Trump to be king
  • Believes earth is flat
  • Claims Sandy Hook school shooting was staged
  • Promotes 9/11 conspiracy theories
  • Criticizes blacks for not being grateful to Civil War’s dead soldiers
  • White nationalism
  • Ban immigration
  • Ban no-fault divorce

Read story here. Her campaign website describes her as “a young, passionate conservative who spent several years working in the pharmaceutical industry” (here).

I think the best way to describe this is “nature abhors a vacuum” and when your party writes off a contest and doesn’t put up a candidate this is what you get.

Update (10/5/20): Witzke appears headed for an epic rejection at the ballot box; a University of Delaware poll released on October 5, 2020, shows incumbent Democratic Sen. Chris Coons leading her 57%-27%, a 30-point spread.

Delaware is a liberal state, and this Senate race was always going to be very uphill for the Republican nominee, whoever it was; but the GOP didn’t even bother to put up a serious candidate, and Witzke is truly a ballot filler, throwaway candidate. However, some people will vote Republican no matter what, even if the GOP candidate is a hallucinating drug addict with false delusions of grandeur.

Update: Witzek lost to Coons by 105,750 votes, or 59.4% to 37.9%.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    We need more silly party candidates. Or pirate party. At least it gives voters something to chuckle at and when they get really sick with the status quo they can shake things up. Future President? Maybe has connections south of the border, and a penchant for adventure. Honduras calling?

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    There’s nothing funny about voting for candidates like this if they win.