Defiant pastor caves to health rules

This article contains news with liberal commentary.

A California preacher whose church incurred $112,500 of fines because he defied restrictions on indoor gatherings finally decided “after a great deal of prayer, fasting and counsel” to move services outdoors as county health officials demanded.

He kept “insisting that the government had overstepped its bounds” and “that the death toll from the virus wasn’t that serious.” Enforcing health regulations against churches has been upheld by courts.

“I beg you, look at the stats, look at the scientists … there’s not a pandemic here,” he said, which is the opposite of scientists are saying; as for the Covid-19 statistics, they speak for themselves.

He added, “If I get COVID, it is going to be a great funeral. If I get it I really don’t care.” The problem is, it won’t be just his funeral; he could take a lot of other people with him.

Last Sunday, September 13, 2020, he told parishioners attending the outdoor service that he “feared that pastors will be sent to jail for holding services in violation of public health orders.” It could be worse.

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