Debunking the absurd claim that Michelle Obama is transgender

This article contains liberal commentary.

This article does such a good job of shredding this myth I don’t have to bother. It also provides useful information and links if you want to follow up on the genesis of this persistent alt-right fable.

Why do people persist in believing nonsense? Maybe because …

“The staggering amount of poorly construed evidence levelled in these claims can only indicate that there must be an underlying motivation for them.”

In other words, to the true believers …

“Michelle Obama’s transgender identity is evidence of a large deep-state conspiracy. … If you are, as the consumer of this [alt-right] media, to accept the possibility that Michelle Obama might be a transgender woman, it would indicate that the foundation of the Obama presidency is built on deception. Once that deception is accepted, … everything may be interpreted as evidence indicating a larger and maligned agenda.”


Alex Jones of InfoWars (photo, right) is a major purveyor of the Michelle-Obama-transgender myth, which speaks for itself, as anyone who believes Alex Jones, the Sandy Hook school shooting denier, has major cerebral function problems.

But one’s got to wonder, with the Obama presidency in the rearview mirror, why does anyone bother to keep trying to delegimitize him?

I can think of many possible reasons, such as fundraising, audience, advertising dollars, and so on. In other words, it’s an attention-getter. For example, this blog has gotten approximately 300,000 hits on this article.

But maybe something more sinister is going on. Could the ongoing effort to retrospectively delegitimize Obama’s presidency be a tool to legitimize a post-defeat Trump presidency? The argument here would be that Obama’s presidency violated the Constitution, therefore Trump is justified in violating the Constitution, too, by ignoring the election results and staying in office beyond his term.

What do you think?

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  1. Mark Adams #

    As with Alex Jones it all could just be performance art.

    Surely a rabbit as yourself has some of the wisdom of Briar Rabbit. Don’t throw me in that thar briar patch. Fortunately Briar Bear and Briar Fox were normal consumers of news.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    I didn’t throw you in any patch. You jumped in.