Police union boss doxes reporter and jokes about it

This article contains news with snarky liberal satire.

The Seattle police union’s president is being investigated for allegedly publishing the reporter’s press pass on social media, a Seattle TV station reported on Thursday, September 10, 2020. Read story here.

Reporter David Obelcz accused Mike Solan of “doxing” him by posting his identifying information on his press pass.

In the tweet by Solan, the union president wrote, “Unfortunately in your hasty escape from SPOG a few minutes ago, you dropped your press pass. Since I have it, does this mean I’m now part of the resistance?”

“SPOG” refers to a downtown Seattle area occupied by protesters for several works after the killing of George Floyd, who was choked to death by a Minneapolis cop now facing murder charges.

Photo: Mike Solan, author of upcoming book “The Art of Being A Jerk”

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