Contributors Wanted

With Steve’s passing, I’m editing his blog, except for some items he post-dated, which post by themselves. There are 112 more of these coming, mostly this year and next year.

If you would like to be a contributor, use the “Comments” box to this posting as an “article drop box.” This will bring them to my attention, and I’ll post them as articles. It helps if you identify it at the top as an “Article Submission.” Bylines are optional.

Articles should generally conform to the guidelines set forth in the “Commenting Policy.” I’ll correct any typos, spelling and grammar mistakes that I find, and perhaps verify sources and possibly fact-check.

Posting dates and authorship are displayed in the fine print under articles. Those written by Steve post as “by theaveeditor,” and anything posted by me will show as “by Roger Rabbit.” Therefore, I will identify articles submitted by other contributors without bylines as “by a contributor.” although it will still post as “by Roger Rabbit.” “By a contributor” means I didn’t write it, and it’s not my work. All views and opinions expressed in articles are those of the actual author, and the fact I post it doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse the content.

Although this blog has an obvious liberal orientation, I have no desire to impose political conformity. I’m seeking fact-based, reasoned argument. It can reflect any viewpoint. Additional information for contributors can be found here.

About Roger Rabbit: Anonymous blogger. Education: College, graduate school, law school. Well read; wide-ranging interests. Ideology: Pragmatism (i.e., what works). Occupations: Journalist, lawyer, writer. The name “Roger Rabbit” has no relationship to the movie. (“Roger” came first and the feral rabbit was added later, chosen for alliteration, and because it’s fun pretending to be a small furry creature who lives in a hole.)

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