The Unofficial 2020 GOP Platform

The GOP hasn’t released a platform (in case you didn’t notice), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. They simply don’t want you to see it. So, here’s an unofficial version from David Frum (photo), a conservative Republican and former Bush speechwriter, extracted from an Atlantic article here. Paraphrased and condensed for brevity.

  1. Cutting taxes for the rich is the best way to stimulate the economy.
  2. Covid-19 isn’t dangerous, and will burn itself out. States should reopen asap, and accept the casualties.
  3. Climate change isn’t happening. If it is, it’s not worth worrying about. In any case, it’s not worth doing anything about.
  4. China is our main adversary, and military spending should be directed at defeating China.
  5. America’s trading partners are Russia and Israel. Europe is a rival. The U.K. and Japan should be treated as subordinates and Canada, Australia, and Mexico as dependencies.
  6. Health care belongs to those who can afford it. Government should stay out of it.
  7. Voting is a privilege. Voting fraud is rampant among blacks and immigrants. Democrats abuse mail voting.
  8. Racism is no longer a problem. Now the main victims of discrimination are Whites, Christians, and Asian university applicants, and federal civil rights enforcement should focus on protecting these groups.
  9. Women’s sexual privacy shouldn’t be a constitutional right.
  10. Ethics and conflicts-of-interest rules are too strict and keep rich people out of government.
  11. Trump’s border wall is the best way to deal with illegal immigration. No citizenship, voting, or health care for illegals.
  12. BLM protests have caused a crime wave. Police need more power.
  13. President Trump is treated so unfairly by the media and “deep state” that he can’t be civil to his opponents and critics.

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