About that “1981” article

Dr. Steven Schwartz, M.D., the late founder of this blog and a brilliant internationally-renowned medical researcher with a strange sense of humor you’ve maybe gotta be an egghead academic (which I’m not) to comprehend, wrote and posted “1981 High School Football Team Photo Leaves Little Doubt that Michelle Obama Was Born Michael Robinson” in 2015 as a spoof, and since then it’s been widely popular with our readers (actually, that’s an understatement).

We don’t know who most of our readers are. We only know this satire piece has been clicked on more than 297,000 times, not counting “Home Page” clicks, which aren’t broken down for the individual homepage articles (at least not that I can find). We don’t know how many of those readers have taken it seriously. While we have stats on page views, we don’t have profiles of our readers, only suspicions about them. We’ve clearly marked it as “satire,” i.e. fiction, which it is. We hope we haven’t started a conspiracy theory, or aren’t adding fuel to one.

If it gave you a good laugh, we’re glad we gave a reason to laugh. Enjoy, on us. That’s why it’s (still) there.

Don’t use this article as a cited source in a college term paper. Please don’t. For your sake.

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  1. Curious #

    Who’s “we”?

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Me. I have multiple identities and personalities, so the plural pronoun is appropriate.