Hits on “1981” article plummet. It’s now off the front page.

I suspect a bunch of QAnon websites delinked it after figuring out this blog isn’t the firehose of conspiracy nuttery they initially thought it was. The sharp drop in traffic to that article over the last few days followed on the heels of my posting clarifications that the “Michelle Obama was born Michael Robinson” meme is SATIRE and not true. Maybe they and their referral links were deep-sixed by recent Facebook and Twitter crackdowns? I wonder. That article has logged nearly 1/3 million views since Steve posted it 5 years ago, and recently was getting ~1,000 daily views, which is ridiculous for a blog with ~100 regular readers. For whatever reason, far fewer people are looking at that article now. Which is good, because stupidity isn’t good. (Doesn’t anyone read anything besides sex change gossip anymore?) Anyway, with that wildfire dying down to glowing embers, I’ve moved it off the front page to make room for material on a higher plane. You can still find links to it and related articles here (under the “Political Humor & Satire” heading). Watch the video below; does this look or sound like a “Michael” suffering from chromosome ambiguity? Or a Michelle with intelligent things to say? You figure it out. I already have.


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