BREAKING NEWS> Where Vancouver’s New Windsors Will Live!

Goodbye, your royal highnesses. Welcome Harry and Meghan to your new home on Vancouver Island!

The couple will no longer use the prestigious titles His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness, but they are not being stripped of them. Harry will remain a prince and sixth in line to the British throne. And, presumably, their gramma will send nice presents for the holidays!

But where will these Windsors, or Sussexes live?  The Ave’s exclusive sources in British Columbia have been on the job. Here is an idea of their choices:

The choice is not going to be easy for X-Prince Harry and, X-Princess Meghan.  Vancouver Island is not much like the Island of Britain.  Unless they keep lotsa wealth so as to have a private airfield and jet, the ordinary Windsor family will need to live down south .. someplace near ohso touristy Victoria!  But there, oh oh, they will become a tourist attraction.  Imagine the ticket sales!  Image result for victoria airport

Of course they could try living further north. There are some uber-wealthy folks who buy whole Islands in the Broughtons offshore from nearly empty towns like Port McNeil … the jumping-off point for fish boats and yachts headed up to Alaska!

Harry and Meghan could do it!  But Harry would need to get himself a jet captain license and buy a not so used Cessna from some Saudi Prince. I think he already has a license from service in the Royal Air Force. Does that count?

Owning a jet could get them back to “the world” but  .. well, the kids.  Somehow I do not think ordinary folks would be ordinary if their kids needed a nanny to home school them!  Of course in Canada a “french” nanny might speak Quebecois, but …. well, that’s  not really french, you know.  It seems like the Windors would need to find someplace on the Island that has schools, even private schools might do!

Image result for port mcneill airport

Port McNeil has an airport too!

There are schools even in the northern reaches of Vancouver Island.  But these schools may not be up to the standards of kids who will, after all, have cousins bound for Oxford, Cambridge or even Hahavaahd.  Oh, and for some kids living on islands there is long commute of the BC ferries!  Kids in Alert Bay can spend an hour or more getting to the bus to the local school!

Then there are problems of family life in the community.  Up there (where we like to cruise) titles like  “royal highness” are not well received unless you are a renowned boatwright or radar guru.  Will either of these folks learn a trade? Or maybe they could run a B ‘n B?

Most expensive property in the Broughtons! You think the Sussexes might want to run a marina?

Anyhow, I suspect by the “spring of 2020” rumors about where Harry, Meghan and the little Windsors will live will become pretty common!

Just one hour drive to Victoria airport, this exquisite ocean front property in East Sooke offers the backdrop for a well off couple living in rural glamour. The upper floor includes dramatic 14ft coffered ceilings, a chef’s kitchen, a formal dining room and its own spa for the guests.  Below, is family space with 3 bedrooms, a gym an office and access to the Northwest  outdoors including a beach fire pit & hot tub. The price?  A meager C$2,950,000 ,, that is just  US$2,257,739.56 or  £1,734,892.28 if they hurry before Brexit dumps the currency! 

My guess is that the Windsors will not buy this marina in the Broughtins, too much work and the kids would need to board a superpowered local speed boat to get to and from anyplace with a school.  Hell, propane may not come to heat the house more than once a week!

So, our sources say the non royals will live pretty much in the south, but maybe a bit west nearer to Sooke Harbor.  By Royal or even Seattle standards, land there is cheap and the security detail ought to be able to split for a limo to get the kids to schools and a chopper with some mounties to get the couple to Victoria’s International Airport where they can board a float plane all the way to Vancouver’s real airport.

If you look at the map at the beginning or this post, I have there an orange arrow where TA sources say it is likely the new manse will be!

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Will the Royals be lumberjacks? Will they sing the lumberjack song?

  2. Clyde Hopper Jones #

    Internet stories are also reporting the couple are looking at purchasing a home in California to be closer to her mom.

    If the couple moves to California, who will be paying taxes to support their annual security tab which is several million dollars a year?

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    Not a bad deal for $2.2 mil, especially since you already own a boat to get there with. Heck, in Seattle, you could get that much for your garage. So maybe you should trade your garage for a nice vacation home. Better hurry, it won’t last at that price.

  4. theaveeditor #

    No need for the boat, but is is nice to have one. Choppers and limos faster