Now that Seattle is justly seen as being the home for America’s only socialist city council, it seems to me the Council needs to levy a tax on Broadmoor.

As far as I can see the only gated community in Seattle is this gold enclave in the middle of our pinkish city.

A tax on Broadmoor seems fair. You think redlining was an issue?  When we came here the effing place had a RESTRICTED sign at the gate.  One time I was even invited in to be given an award.  The lady giving the award told me, on  whisper, that I could ignore the sign and tell the guard I was her guest!Image result for seattle gated community

After all, Broadmoorians still occupy a lot of waterfront and having your own golf course in the middle of a city is, well, a bit over the top. Beyond, that .. just think of the land use issues, far beyond the Council’s usual preoccupation with single homes versus multiplexes, the manses on that golf course are painfully land inefficient.

Then there are politics. This is the only place left in Seattle that mapped red on voting surveys!  TAX EM!

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  1. Mark Adams #

    I suppose the council could institute a literal tax on the gate and gate house, but the city cannot treat these folks differently than others in the city.
    The city can use its powers to condemn the properties that make up Broadmore, but the city better be ready to sign some big checks. Though this may require a bigger check than what the city can pay.

  2. theaveeditor #

    The city could certainly tax the exitance of a gate and a wall.

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    What we really need is a head tax on Republicans to pay for the damage they cause. 😉

  4. Roger Rabbit #

    How about a head tax on Republicans to pay for the damage they cause? 😀

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