President Trump with his wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, choose New York’s newest club, The Playboy Club, for G7 venue .

The choice of the iconic Playboy Club came after an exhaustve search for alternatives.

Following the scandal about Mr. Trump’s choice of his Doral property, choice of any Trump property to host the G7 became untenable.  The property had to be exceptional, agreeable to Mr. Trump’s standards and not financially connected to the President.

The Playboy Club turned out to be ideal.  The New York venue, replete with “alluring Playboy Bunny hostesses” and now with costumed Playboy Buck hosts,  reopened last year after Playboy had closed the entire chain 32 years ago.  Hugh Hefner, the famed founder, Playboy icon and friend of Mr. Trump declared Playboy Bunnies “a symbol of the past”.”  Mr. Trump said, “Times have changed, Playboy has a new young CEO  and this is this is an overdue tribute to a great entrepreneur, my friend  Hugh Hefner.”

Image result for Cooper Hefner with Donald TrumpThe idea for reopenng the Club came from Hugh’s successor, his son Cooper. Cooper Hefner is Hugh Hefner’s youngest son, a 30 year old who grew up in the Playboy mansion, “Coop” coinsiders Mr. Trump a mentor.  Four years ago the young Hefner became the Chief Creative Officer of the company and marketed it to a younger generation by returning the nude centerfolds and even featuring a transgender female on the cover. Coop’s mom was Playmate Kimberly Conrad and “Coop” is married to Harry Potter actress Scarlett Bryne.

Coop and Donald celebrate the G7 agreement!

The new venue charges  $250,000 for membership, a lot but less than Mr.  Trump charges at Mar a Lago.  Playboy Enterprises, moreover, will provide the club to G7 members free of any charges to Mr. Trump’s six colleagues and an expected crew of staff and security numbering as much as 700.  While only some of these can be accommodated in the Club itself, arrangements have been made in nearby Cachet Boutique Hotel and the Crown Plaza.  Both hotels offer atheltic clubs where the Playboy Bunnies and Bucks help out as trainers and lifeguards.    The proximity to the Javitz Center and to the theatre district should make this a truly special occasion.

The  Playboy Club told The-Ave  that although Mr. Trump has warm feelings for “Coop,” there are no financial ties between the two families.  The Playboy company will donate $2.2m worth of memberships and forego undisclosed top-tier initiation fees usually required for new member. In a press release accompanying the Club’s announcement, Playboy states “The alluring Playboy Bunny hostesses, waitresses and cocktail servers have a worldwide, well-deserved reputation for their style and graciousness. And, new to the NY Ckub. Now, we will add “Playboy Bucks” .. male partners to the famed Bunnies.”

Bunnies resting at Playboy Club in New York City in 1963.

Bunnies resting at Playboy Club in New York City in 1963. Photograph: Bettmann/Bettmann Archive, HOW THE COSTUMES HAVE CHANGED

The White House said it is well aware that the new Playboy Club is located just a few blocks from where hundreds of thousands of people took part in a Women’s March.  The Bucks are a big part of Cooper Hefner’s plans to broaden appeal of the Clubs to a new generation.

Another major change will be in the Bunnie costumes.  When Gloria Steinem was a Bunny she found that the boned costumes  “two inches smaller than any of my measurements everywhere except the bust,” and “so tight that the zipper caught my skin”  Ivanka Trump has helped design new costumes that she says will be “more appropriate for todays women without the need for boning.”

The Bucks are also a recognition that today’s leaders are often female.  “We are very aware that Chancellor Merkel is a girl, “said White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham who is also female.  She went on,  “That is why the President and Mrs. Trump  are very happy that Mr.Hefner’s new club offers elegant male hosts from the Chippendales . These men have come a long way since 1979 when the Chippendales first  gyrated their way into the hearts and laps of women. Their name denotes the the classic Chippendales-style furniture that adorned the club where the guys first performed and fits perfectly with the upscale class of Coop Hefner’s vision fot the new Playboy Clubs.” Like Hefner’s trademark bunny ears, the globally recognized Chippendale “Collar and Cuffs” mark a guy as a Chippendale “Buck.” The New York Playboy Club has licensed that trademark and refers to its guys as “Bunny Bucks.”

The President emphasized that the presence of Melania, Ivanka and Kellyanne Conway on the planning committee should reassure all Americans that this event” will be in the greatest taste ever! ”

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, favorties of Mr. trump from Fox News, both expressed their support.  Ms Ingraham said “There is a bitter fight going on right now for middle-aged douchey women to take control of all levels of society, women have a right to use their sexuality to gain power!  This is great!” Mr. Hannity said, “Yeah.”


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