My Sadness of Trumpism on the Fourth

It is sad to see so many celebrating or bemoaning Trump rather than the events of this day. Join me in a digital toast to the founders and those who have fought to maintain their ideal.

As for me, I have work to do today but will be thinking about my heroes .. Jemi Cato, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Jane Adams, Madison, Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, the great Americans who fought the atrocities of the west, Grant who launched those atrocities but brought the Jews their rights, Chief Seattle for making peace, Herman Melville for writing the ultimate novel about America and Emerson for explaining us in poetry, Teddy Roosevelt, WE deBois for showing us what equality means in the face of racism, Hemingway, FDR, my father Robert Schwarts and his mother Rose Perlmutter, Dwight Eisenhower, Malcolm X, Saul Alinsky, MLK, Jonas Salk, Albert Einstein, the Berrigans, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Michelle and Barack Obama, …none of whom could exist in any other country.

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  1. JoJo Potato #

    You have work to do, oh, do you? You call posting here, on Facebook, and, Lord knows what, various fetish forums every three minutes “work?”

    By the way you misspelled your father’s last name, which, as it so happens, is the same last name as yours.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Ah yes, the TA Troll! Fabulous that you are so small that you need to anonymize your IP address. Afraid of being reported again to the FBI? How was that visit from the State web security cops?

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