Who would want the job of US President?

The damage Trump has done to the US is historic. The key issue as we entered this century was whether the US would be able to compete with China. Trump has not only given that away he has built a monster with Putin.  The US is going to be hobbled for a long time.

Even if you are a redhat, the facts are scary:

1. China is now number one in world prestige. We are tied with Russia as #2.  Few countries want to help the US. 
2. China’s silk road project is moving along and expanding. Economies form Greece to the ‘stans south of Russia and down to China are becoming linked by China rail and China funded joint ventures. Euopean countries have no choice but to join and Africa is rapidly joining. At he same time the majority of ALL shipping is now on Chinese bottoms.
3. In many fields of science, the US is being challenged and in several China is ahead. Trump is deeply cutting science. New industries .. solar, AI, biotech may be moving to China. 
4, The DEBT is a very real issue.  Trump’;s tax cut was financed with a never to be paid back debt. As China replaces the US as the major source of capital, where are we going to get money? Recently Europe has been turning to China for loans and a number of major companies in Europe now have Chinese ownership.
5. It now seems inevitable that we are being played by a team of N Korea, China and Russia. There goal is for Japan, Taiwan, S Korea, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Philippines to evict the US military.  So we have 12 aircraft carriers and Trump is building two more.  Where are we going to out them?
7. Trump has undermined the US constitution in unimaginable ways. Assuming that he loses in 2020, whoever wins will have a political challenge as big as the financial one that faced Obama with the collapse of 2008.  This time we will have lost a lot of clout because of the damage done to our venerable institutions. Not many nations will trust us. After Trump has ripped up major treaties and packed the courts, why would any other country trust us?  
8. Even if you are a climate denier, you know the climate in changing.  Trump’s policies mean we have a huge set of problems to solve … not just dealing with CO2 but dealing with unfunded infrastructure costs.  American agriculture may be unsustainable as  warm climate make our plains less useful and benefits Canada and esp. Russia! A good deal of our coast, including all of Florida needs dikes to survive.

9. Remember the ice cap?  Can you spell oil? Natural gas? Polar shipping.  The US is now down to ONE functioning icebreaker as Russia, China claim the northern resources.

10. American education has been overwhelmingly number one since WWII.  Now it is unaffordable and foreign universities are getting better and their students do not pay tuition.  America can only survive so long oin brain drain.  .

11.US healthcare is unaffordable and getting worse,much worse.Leaving aside Bernie’s Medicare for All as a fantasy, cutting costs will require an almost unimaginable set of changes.What happens when it id 30% cheaper to send our sick folks to China or they come here  to sell cheap health care?

Oh yeh, then we have people who hate each other. MAGA


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