“The Mandate of Heaven” initiated by the Zhou Dynasty 1029-771 BC , was cooked up historians figure to get rid of the previous Dynasty, this tradition would endure for a long time. Before the Zhou China had no concept of heaven. So the Zhou ascribed this mandate back far enough so as to make it eternal, and used this mandate to explain the fall of the Shang Dynasty, and rightfully take their place. This mandate holds Emperors and folks accountable morally etc., making it tidy to come up with reasons for the failure of Previous Dynasties. The fall of the Shang dynasty can with this mandate be traced to the orgies of Ming Tao, orgies are a deal breaker I reckon, this and the roasting and eating of their opponents was not in compliance with the mandate. Roasting, and eating your opponents during an orgy was definitely bad. Anyways, 3,000 years of the rise and fall of Dynasties can be attributed to “Divine intervention”, thusly making History pretty simple.

Beijing Defends Tibet Policies as Tibetans Mark Anniversary of Uprising

Protesters gathered around the world on Tibetan Uprising Day to commemorate the twin anniversaries of the failed March 10, 1959 Tibetan uprising—which resulted in the Dalai Lama fleeing China—and unrest which culminated in violence on March 14, 2008. The 2008 protests have since spurred increasingly repressive policies in the region, many of them architected by Chen Quanguo, Party secretary of the Tibetan Autonomous Region from 2011-2016 (Chen was transferred to Xinjiang

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