Trump Offers Pence a New Job: Commodore of the USSF

(TA news, Washington, D.C., March 1, 2019) TS has learned that Michael Pence will not be resigning as Vice President as he assumes hs new job as head of the USSF: United States Space Force.  Since the USSF is not a Department, White House lawyers say that Mr. Pence can serve in both a military role and as Vice President.

Lt. Ronald Reagan in US Cavalry uniform. Camp Dodge, Iowa, pre- WW Two.

Lt. Ronald Reagan in US Cavalry uniform. Camp Dodge, Iowa, pre- WW Two.

The new position will fulfill Mr. Pence’s  long term goal of following his father and serving his country in uniform.  Born in 1959, Michael Richard Pence was one of six children of Nancy Jane (née Cawley) and Edward Joseph Pence Jr.  Edward  served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and received the Bronze Star in 1953, which Pence displays in his office along with its commendation letter and a reception photograph.  While born too late for Vietnam, Michael Pence found another war as he converted from being an Irish Roman Catholic to evangelical Christianity.  As born-again Christian,  Mike’s  political views also started shifted to the right identifying with Ronald Reagan.”  Mr. Pence says that lhe was greatly impressed not only ny Mr. Reagan’s role in WWII movies but his ability to “preach patriotism.”

Karl Dönitz is the model for the new USSF. Leading up to WWII, Admiral Dönitz built the German U boat force that gave Germany a hidden advantage in the early days of the war by making the British fleet, the armor of the British Empire, obsolete. Commodore Pence is charged with doing the same with the USSF, jumping over Russian and Chinese efforts to dominate space.

Admiration for the great communicator led  the future Vice President to become a conservative talk show host on radio station WRCR-FM in Rushville, Indiana.  Pence called himself “Rush Limbaugh on decaf” since he considered himself politically conservative while not as outspoken as Limbaugh.

Pence ended his radio show in September 1999 to focus on his 2000 campaign for Congress, which he eventually won. He wrnt on to be governor and Vice President.  But the memory of his father and President Reagan in uniform remained strong.  Mr. Pence  So when  President Trump tasked Mr. Pence with organizing the new United States Space Force it seemed obvious that the Irish kid from Indiana would enlist in the new branch of the military.  ,

This created a problem. Since Washington, the American President has had the power to appoint military officers,  however since the Spanish American War the tradition has been to only allow military ranks to be earned in service.  Mr. Trump asked for advice from his aids solved the problem.  They turned to the German military for a model.  Karl Dönitz, who not only held the role of Vice President of the German regime bit served as  Großadmiral.   Trump aide Stephen Miller suggest that an American tile “Commodore” might be more appropriate.  During the US civil war “Commodore” and Brigadier were used to give civilians military rank at the level of flag officers.  Interestingly the uniform designed for Commodore Pence seem very similar to the uniform worn by Admiral  Dönitz.

Commodore Pence had chosen Dr. Michael D. Griffin, Chief Technical Officer at the Department of Defence as the civilian head of the USSF.  Dr. Griffin is best known for his belief that climate change is good for us and that we can further promote the exceptionalism of America by leaving orbit and heading to Mars and other planets.  Dr. Griffin has chosen as his goal within the USSF seeing that the first graduates of the new USSF include astronauts prepared to make the trip to Mars.


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