TRUMP’s Wall: Three Years Later

(TA News, Jan 20, 2022).  Trump’s wall has had no effect on Illegal immigration except to cost about 100 billion dollars to the US economy.

The costs to the US economy of Trump’s wall have been massive.  The wall itself has cost 50 billion dollars. Some of that was construction costs but a lot has been enforced by the courts refusing to allow the administration to take private land by eminent domain as well as the loss of income by industries hurt by the decrease in cross border trade.
Even worse has been the effects on tax income in the US. Chelsea Clinton, Secretary of Homeland Security, reported that three years after the wall was built, contributions of  all immigrants to taxes have greatly fallen.  This includes local taxes and state taxes where expenses cited by the Trumpists were said to be a reason for the wall.  However, the expenses of public schooling for kids, emergency medical care, and welfare have continued to increase as the “Trickle Down Effect,” or the Trump Tax Cut, has turned into a drought.

Ms. Clinton noted that “It turns out the illegals were a major subsidy to the US!  The undocumented immigrants actually paid an excessive part of the costs of public schools in the form of local and state taxes.  Decreased immigration and the continued  flight of wealthy kids to private schools have made it very hard to raise taxes for the underclasses that need public schools.  The worst effect, however, has been on social security.  Illegals who work paid that tax but could never collect .. in effect subsidizing older legal Americans!”

Clinton went on to advocate for the Employer Felony Law proposed by Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Under Senator Ocasio-Ortez’ law,  anyone employing an illegal would be subject to a 500% tax on any wages paid.  Repeat violations would include prison terms for any employer including corporate officers who fail to show due diligence. Corporations found guilty could lose any Federal tax deductions. Foreign based corporations could lose their license to do business in the US.

Meanwhile, despite  Trump’s wall, the Secretary said studies by DSH show that the amnesty program passed by President O’Rourke has worked.  “Second and third generation children of illegals are a net positive. ” Any costs for supporting their parents have been made up for by their children who became great and productive citizens. She concluded, “Overall, immigration is a net positive for our economy, though it may be hard for the GOP to take a long time perspective.”


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