Time to Override! DO THE MATH

Time to override Trump;s  veto. On the 20th, Trump’s own Senate passed the house CR on a voice vote.   Trump threw a tantrum!

Do the math! The Constitution mandates that Congress convene at noon on January 3.  What I would do is let tRump circle the drain until then.  Offer him a “big” deal if he will go back to Schumer’s proposal for a combined DACCA reform. legal status for undocumented and tRump’s wall (at $5 billion and 99 cents.

If he turns that down wait till Pelosi is speaker. Send him a clean budget bill with the votes to override!.  The Senate can certainly muster 67 votes to override. And the House can manage 290 easily.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    It is the third there is a new Congress in town. First Congress has to pass a deal and send it to the President. I doubt there will be enough votes in Congress to override a veto at this point. Congress could also do this the old fashion way and pass individual budgets for Agriculture, State, ect. That could get at least some parts of the government not immediately connected to border security running. The question is whether Nancy Pelosi is going to work with Republicans in Congress, or to what degree. Frankly if the votes are not there to override a Veto then Nancy had better like a wall. She has in the past really really liked fences and other barriers. Same with Senator Shrumer.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    As the Constitution is explicit that spending authority rests with the House, if the House votes aren’t there to approve money for Trump’s wall, he’d better get used to not having it.

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