Boeing .. first South Carolina now China

Somebody better tell the Donald

Boeing just delivered the first 737 jet, until now built in Seattle, but now  in Zhoushan.  Boeing is making good on promises to Chinese President Xi Jinping on his fall 2015 visit to Washington state.

So first Boeing moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago. And it was good cuz Chicago as more political clout  than Seattle.

Then Boeing moved is 777 work to a new plant in South Carolina where there ain’t no unions!  And the Trumpies touted this too as good cuz labor unions are unamerikan.

Now, Boeing is building it ohso profitable 737s in China.  Good thing too cuz China is building its own competitor!

Somebuddy better tell the Donald.  While, like Don Quixote of Spanish fame, our Don is fighting for American honor .. but perhaps he is tilting at the wrong windmills?  While the Donald places tarifs on raw materials and fights a trade war over soy beans,  Boeing is all-in as it maneuvers to maintain a hefty share of what will soon be the biggest airplane market in the world … Asia.  Hell 1/3 of the 737s Bieing noe w builds in Reention, are being sold to China!

Of course, meanwhile we left the TPP!

John Bruns, president of Boeing China, called it “a really big moment in our 46-year history in China.” Of course, Boeing insists there will be no contraction of work at the Renton assembly plant and that moving the completion work to China will free up capacity in Renton to allow a faster build rate. The production rate in Renton is at a record 52 jets a month but is set to rise next year to 57 a month. Meanwhile. the Zhoushan completion center, has three high-ceilinged bays covering 201,000 square feet.  Chinese  mechanics, non union of course,  install  passenger seats, lavatories and galleys and paint the planes.

Yep, tell Donald that “his” Boeing will soon be competing with the made in China. engines and all, C919

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