Buy a radio from China? ooops!

These radios from China seem like a great deal.  Way cheaper then the usual FRS/GMRS walkie talkies and a longer range …. until you find the fine print on Amazon:

In the US, the FCC has not type-certified this radio for any services to transmit. It may be used to receive in the US with no license. In order to legally transmit with these radios an Amateur Radio license is required, with the Technician class license being the lowest acceptable license.
By Jason on August 31, 2018
Per the September 2018 FCC Ruling ALL Chinese handheld portable radios not having a part 90 certification CANNOT be imported sold or Purchased! Big fines will result that can be up to $19500 a day… They ALSO cannot be operated even by Amateur radio operators. The ARRL is in discussion with the FCC at this time to cha… see more 
By Donald E. Goldsmith on November 3, 2018
Yes, you must get an FCC license to transmit with this radio. Part 15B is a regulation that says that this receiver section does not transmit too much power. Yes, receivers transmit very weak signals and we must have regulations to prevent people from making receivers that create too much radio noise and cause interf… see more 
By James Johnson on September 13, 2018

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