“”I’m not anti-Semitic, but…” antisemitism in Europe

Nearly one in five Europeans tell CNN that  antisemitism in their countries was a response to the everyday behavior of Jewish people. and  one in three see that remembering the holocaust hides the horror of today’s atrocities.

On the positive side, only 10% of Europeans admitted they had unfavorable views of Jews while 16% said they had negative views of LGBT+ people, 36% said they had unfavorable views of immigrants, 37% said that about Muslims, and 39% said it of Romani people. Before celebrating that we are seen more positively then the Romani, a lot of what is positive is the belief that we control business and the media … about one of three Europeans believe that  and , at least in Hungary, that idea f Jewish power goes along with the beleif that 20% of the world’s population is Jewish.  (Somebody needs ot explain this to China!)


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