What Should Acosta Do IF He is Allowed Back?

Trump apologists say that Jim Acosta was impolite even if Trump behaved like a clown.  They also argue that escalating the discussion to Hitler is too easy.

PK, Trump is not Hitler.  The American Don is not Hitler anymore than he is Duterte or Mussolini or Franco or Peron.  Trump may be closer to Don Corleone than to any of these.  But he is a thug, and rule by thuggery is a common feature of all  fascist states.  Trump fits that role all too well.

So, if you do not want to think about a reporter in 1933 Germany, think about one dealing with Trujillo, Duterte, or Mugabe.

How should the press deal with the American Don?

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    What should he do? His job, even though that’s what got him ejected. No, Trump doesn’t get to write, edit, or censor reporters’ questions, no matter how badly he wants to. See First Amendment for details. This is the USA, not Indonesia or Zimbabwe.

  2. Mark Adams #

    Mr. Acosta is writing and not sitting in the gulag or imprisoned in Indonesia or Zimbabwe. Though we have sometimes imprisoned those with a minority opinion, or suppressed a writer or publication, or imprisoned whistleblowers, so it can happen here, still Trump is not Franco. He will serve a term or two, and we will not have to wait, though why Spain replaced Franco with an unelected monarchy says something on the subject.

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